Today was our first prenatal appointment.  They performed a sonogram so we got to see our little kidney bean, or as the nurse practitioner kept calling it, our “fuzzball.”  I swear you need an advanced degree in abstract art to understand these images.

1st sonogram

1st sonogram – 11/12/12 – 8 weeks 2 days

The live shot was easier to discern life and we could see the baby’s rapid heartbeat.  What a relief!  Seeing the heartbeat has definitely helped this pregnancy settle into our minds much more securely now.

The “wheel” that predicts due date put me at 10 weeks 2 days based on the date of my last period.  But I know the date I ovulated and it was 2 weeks later than the textbook 14 days so I was certain I was only 8 weeks 2 days pregnant.  The sonogram confirmed that was the case.  Can you imagine the concern if I went in thinking I was 10 weeks only to see a fetus that was behind in development by 2 weeks?!  I am so glad I was OCD about charting my cycles – priceless information.

The expected due date is June 22, 2013.  This is just one month after I turn 35.  Even just that one month qualifies me as advanced maternal age.  This means we can elect to have more tests and ultrasounds done should the need arise.

Our next appointment is at 12 weeks on 12/12/12!

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